Run Off From Broad Ave.

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A couple of us were vending Broad Ave. Arts District last night and one of the restaurants had the police run us off. Restaurants are within their rights to do this if we are parked too close according to the food truck ordinance. The definition of “too close” varies according to what part of town we’re in, at that location it’s within 300 feet. We were parked about 125 feet away from the restaurant, in fact we weren’t even on the same block.

Food trucks vend on Broad all the time and they’ve never been too fussy about the 300 foot rule, in fact the Arts District has its own food truck POC and we thought we add to the atmosphere of the neighborhood. We thought both the public and the retailers like us there.

In the past we’ve been able to stay out of each other’s hair but apparently the attitude is changing. Until we can get this clarified it’s probably best not to set up on Broad because there is no place we’d want to vend that is not within 100 yards of a restaurant.

Update: We have asked both the food truck POC and the restaurant for a meeting to try to reach a compromise but nobody ever got back to us.