Proposal by Levitt Shell for Sunday Food Truck Rodeos

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I’m also going to post this to the facebook and the web page, and please forward to any other food truck operators you like in the mid-South, I’d like to get a lot of opinions.

Levitt Shell has offered to host small food truck rodeos on Sunday nights starting around June 1 at their concert series. What this basically means is that instead of one or two trucks which they normally have at their Sunday night concert, they would have three or four. Also they probably wouldn’t mind if the trucks deployed early so they could function as Sunday lunch rodeos at Overton Park as well, if we do some marketing and signage.

The food trucks would have to be down in the “food truck court” area stage left, not at the ampitheater top where the decks are. This area is already very tight, and it is especially difficult for trailers because the approach is L-shaped, you have to back in, and it is nine feet wide. Squeezing four trucks in here would not be easy but it is all they have to offer.

Since this is twice as many trucks as they normally deploy for a concert, I would expect each truck to sell half as much on average–unless we do a great job of marketing, then maybe we can bring it up. It would also get some new trucks front and center where Levitt staff can take a look at you and make a good impression, maybe get a chance to be scheduled at a Friday or Saturday show. Those are good gigs. But I do not know how much money there is to be made on Sundays.

Let me know what you think. The two trucks who might have had Sunday night all to themselves will not like it but Levitt hasn’t scheduled Sundays yet so those trucks don’t know who they are. 😊