Memphis Public Library Meeting

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Ken met with Stacey Smith and Gay Cain of Memphis Public Library last week. We made two proposals to them–we had already worked with Stacey Smith when we were feeding people staying at the City-run warming shelters during the cold weather so we were able to go in as an organization with some credibility and a warm welcome.

–Food trucks weekly at the main library on Poplar. This would be Tuesdays or Wednesdays for lunch. They wanted Fridays but I steered them away from that. ­čśŐProposal is for 3 trucks, maybe adding a fourth later if there is good demand, we should be able to get high visibility on Poplar. The library system would market these from their side and us from ours. Library will probably require 15% of gross sales to be donated. I feel confident this is going to happen, will let you know when it’s time to start scheduling.

–One food truck at Poplar branch library at the Clark Tower. This would be in the rear of the library very near the Clark Tower entrance. There is only room for one and trailers would have to unhook. If you’re familiar with the layout here you know what a primo vending spot this would be. I paced it off, it doesn’t violate the 300-foot rule wrt the Clark Tower restaurants and Carrabba’s is non-adjacent (isn’t open for lunch anyway either). 15%-20% to the library to be negotiated. I think this has about a 50/50 chance of happening.