Meeting with Shelby Farms

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Ken had a good meeting with Alex Bien of Shelby Farms Park Conservancy. Alex is now the food truck POC. We discussed food trucks vending at Starry Nights this year, and about bringing back the Sunday food truck rodeos full strength like they were before the massive Shelby Farms construction spree the past two years. This looks like it is going to happen, the question is where to do it. I’d like to hold it to 4-5 trucks or so but the location we used to use on the little peninsula/boat ramp is still too small now to accommodate the event.

I have a couple locations in mind and Alex has some ideas as well. I’m going to let him get through Starry Nights (it is an incredibly grueling event for Shelby Farms Park staff) before I take any more of his time, but we will meet again in January. I hope to be able to crank this back up in April or early May.