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MFTA had a constructive meeting with Ernest Benson of Environmental Health and Safety (Health Department). HD would like to remind all food truck operators that your six month inspections are due. You should not wait for the HD to contact you, you should call and schedule an inspection yourself. It annoys the HD that they have to chase us down when we all know we have to have an inspection around May and another around November.

To make it easier, the HD is scheduling multiple food truck inspections at Tiger Lane between 10:00 and 3:00, Monday through Thursday. This way we don’t have to go to the HD on Jefferson and find parking, etc. and if you do it at Tiger Lane you can probably sail through the inspection in a few minutes. Call 901-222-9196 to schedule yours.

Please note that they now check for a written Employee Illness Policy, you need to keep this in the food truck. You can see a sample illness policy below. Copy-paste it into another document it to get rid of the “SAMPLE” watermark. Obviously edit out the stuff that has nothing to do with Tennessee.