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If you operate a full time food truck in the Mid-South and wish to join us, email Ken Hooper. We are always looking for fresh, exciting menus and cool concepts. And especially operators who are professional and reliable.

Please note that this organization has standards for menu and execution, truck presentation, cleanliness, and noise. We are no longer accepting trucks with generators mounted on the front–this is dangerous and illegal. Tongue mount on trailers is okay though. We are very skeptical of trucks with loud generators. Open-frame generators are for power outages and construction sites, not food trucks.

We do a lot of active prospecting and we often seek to be the sole-source provider for a given venue–we hope event planners will call us first when they need food trucks. This does not mean we seek to monopolize the food truck trade at venues. With rare exceptions we will book non-member trucks at our events provided they meet our standards, usually at a nominal fee for promotion. We think it is unethical for a non-profit organization whose mission is to advocate for food trucks, to try to monopolize events solely in order to keep non-members out. And we hope you will not accept this behavior from other organizations either.