Food Trucks at Germantown Park

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Ken met with Gwen Singleton at Germantown Park, which is the office park across the street from Agricenter. They’ve been trying to recruit trucks for a long time but according to the POC the trucks who have tried vending there have had disappointing sales. It’s a formula for failure we see over and over: trucks with no strong organization behind them pick out a site–try it once and do poorly–try it a second time to give it a fair chance and do poorly–then never go back. The fact is that one by one, food trucks can not sustain an effort like this long enough for customers to learn we are there each day. No single food truck is strong enough on its own to build interest at a site like this.

But if there is a strong organization we can spread the risk and invest in developing the site, a different truck every day, until customers get used to relying on us as a lunch option. Gwen doesn’t want to try again until spring, so in March we will make this a lunch site that produces reliably for food trucks.